Birthday Parties


Group Events


Private Events can be paid by the host (minimum of $250). Or have guests pay their own way with your very own event discount code. Maximum number of guests is 40.


Event space is available for 2-3 hours depending on your wants. We recommend 2 hours for a typical group event, while 3 hours gives additional time for cake and presents. Thirty-minute setup time prior to event is free!


You get to choose the event's painting! Select from our 100+ creations. We have options from sunsets to galaxies, mermaids to unicorns, dinosaurs to turtles, holidays, scenery, and more!


Due to our flexibility, we offer a wide range of dates and times that will fit into your schedule. Please allow us at least 2 weeks in advance to reserve your event.


For those special occasions, you may bring your own cake or desserts! But don't worry, we'll still provide our typical snack and drink items for your event.

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Please fill out the questionnaire below and we will reach out to you with your custom quote. Just look for info@www.snackandpaint.com in your inbox!

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